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( May. 4th, 2009 01:50 pm)
Supposedly this Dreamwidth thing can xpost to LJ without an issue.

So test time.

I found a few cute lil live bootlegs last night, figured I'd share.

This month is the 20th anniversary of Disintegration, so a few people put together some nice live compilations. The one I found is a mix of all of the Disintegration songs they performed live between 89/90. Now it is a rather big download, 500 megs I think. But the songs are in the flac format, so they're totally lossless.

Fun Stuff

Disintegration is one of my favorite albums, it's right up there with GNR's Appetite for Destruction, The Sisters Floodland, and Depeche Mode's Violator.  Its one of those albums that never sounds dated, and I never bored

So I wonder if Dreamwidth will catch on and become the future of online journal posting.  Right now one needs either an invite code, or they could pay 3 dollars for premium access for a month, but then have a freebie account after the 30 days is up.  So far DW is what LJ was years ago, which is a good thing.  I prefer the minimalistic approach. 

Anywho.. xpost test time..



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